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Vinçotte is launching Digi-Tags with which you can find all the safety information and inspection data in a split second. You scan the Digi-Tag on the asset with your smartphone and see it immediately. Does a manager have doubts about the safety status of an appliance? He/she can quickly check it before the appliance is used!

Vinçotte Digi-Tags is a unique solution that makes structured data publicly accessible through a scan, while protecting confidential information at the same time.

Don't waste time identifying your devices or looking for their status in printed reports anymore. Digi-Tags was specially developed to make your life and that of your employees easier! Discover our innovative and disruptive solution for the inspection world!

How does Digi-Tags work? #


Every inspected asset gets its own Digi-Tag which contains the information that allows anyone with an up-to-date standard smartphone to identify the asset (equipment, tool, device...) on brand, serial number, etc... and consult the inspection status of the asset.

For security reasons only authorized users can retrieve the full corresponding inspection report by scaning the same Digi-Tag. Authorized users can also add their own documents and feedback belonging so that they become available to other authorized users.


When you scan a Digi-Tag, you immediately access the information sheet and the security status of your device.

You open the photo application on your Apple iPhone or Google Lens on a standard Android phone, point the camera at the Digi-Tag and you will immediately see the basic information.

The confidential data (uploaded documents, detailed report, feedback...) are only accessible via a user account on smartphone, PC or Mac. It is possible to have multiple user accounts within one company and manage access.


Authorized users receive a user account that gives access to an interactive dashboard where all inspection data (and more) can be viewed at a glance.

In the dashboard, a Digi-Tags user can see the history of the asset in terms of inspection data, a complete list of all inspected assets and can compare data on the basis of various features and filters.

Do you need the inspection data within another application? No problem, you can export your data and use or share it further! We even have an API avaialble for integration into your Asset Management System.

You can use this data to prepare safety reports, give your auditors a clear picture of the entire device portfolio, pull statistics and so much more!




Who better than customers who have already implemented Digi-Tags to tell you about their experience with it. Click on the logo and read testimonials from Digi-Tags customers




1. Safer

Thanks to Digi-Tags you immediately create a real safety culture in your company! When in doubt whether a device may be used or not, the person in charge scans the Digi-Tag and is immediately sure that the device has been inspected and is safe to use. Since all data is available digitally, you can go much further in your security process.


2. More efficient

Thanks to the instant and error-free identification of your devices, you work more efficiently, error-free and don't lose information. Moreover, you can easily add documents that belong to the device. An enormous gain of time for you and your employees!


3. Better visualization of data

You have access to detailed analyses of the inspection status of your devices: overview, history, periodicity and reminders, comments and much more! An easy, fast and efficient way to check the status of your devices in real-time!



Start with Digi-Tags in 4 easy steps

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2. Discuss your situation #

The Digi-Tags solution will be explained to you in detail and you'll get a live demo! As every business is different and to help you implement Digi-Tags successfully, you will discuss your specific needs with our consultant and you can ask him or her all your questions.

3. Receive a personalized offer #

If after the meeting you are interested in Digi-Tags you will receive a offer tailored to your needs.

4. Implementation #

As soon as you accept the offer, we will implement together our solution in your company.

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