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Schneider Electric, leading efficiency with Digi-tags

Schneider Electric (SE) is a leader in the digitalisation of energy management and industrial automation, from consulting on energy and sustainability to optimisation of the asset lifecycle. SE offers many solutions as their technologies help companies to achieve greater efficiency, lower costs, and help meet sustainability goals. In the summer of '22, SE decided to start rolling out Digi-Tags.

Digi-Tags is Vinçotte's digital tagging system that allows people to immediately view an inspection report if they scan a tag using their smartphone. It is not only convenient, but most importantly it is very safe, which was exactly SE's goal.

There were two parts to the project. On the one hand, all of the assets (such as ladders etc.) in the factory and warehouse were tagged. On the other, around 20 technicians with vans are always on the road, carrying materials to be inspected. These include materials such as PPE (personal protective equipment) and smaller equipment such as step ladders. On average, each van carried more than 5 inspected items.

Because of the ‘groups’ function, it was also possible to create one tag per van: by scanning the ‘group’ tag, you could then access the full list of all items and the corresponding inspection report. The technicians could then immediately determine whether the equipment they were taking with them had been inspected and whether it was safe. This meant that technicians and employers alike have peace of mind.

Ruben de Sadeleer, Facility Engineer at SE, explains: “The start of the project included surveying all the equipment that needed to be inspected. We had the data, but some equipment had been lost or duplicated. In that sense, it was already a good exercise in asset management."

It's easy to add and remove items from the group and this can be done by the user, meaning an up-to-date record of the material in the van is always available.

Digi-Tags Features

  • Each individual asset with a QR code can be quickly consulted for up-to-date inspection reports at any time by scanning with a smartphone.
  • Thanks to the 'groups' functionality in Digi-Tags, you can easily provide a 'group' tag per van, per location or per person to consult the list of all associated devices and the inspection report.
  • Creating the group, adding, and removing assets from the group is simple and can be done by the user himself.


About Schneider Electric SE #

Schneider Electric is a French multinational, providing energy management and automation solutions. It addresses homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries, by combining energy technologies, real-time automation, software and services. In 2022, the company posted revenues of 34.2 billion euro.

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