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Port of Antwerp-Bruges opts for digitization with Vinçotte

In 2022, Port of Antwerp-Bruges, the second largest port in Europe, opted for Digi-Tags, Vinçotte's digital asset safety management and tagging system.

International connections and sustainable growth play an important role in the consolidation of Port of Antwerp-Bruges' role as a world port. Handling all those goods requires an extensive port infrastructure that must be in perfect condition. Essential here are the so-called 'works of art', which include the bridges and locks that seamlessly connect the Port of Antwerp-Bruges.

Port of Antwerp-Bruges opted for Digi-Tags from Vinçotte to manage its infrastructure and its 'artworks'.

As a result, the inspection report of each asset that is provided with a Digi-Tags sticker can be consulted on site with a standard smartphone. In the meantime, more than 5000 parts of assets in Port of Antwerp-Bruges have already been provided with Digi-Tags, including the famous Brabo crane.

The port area is the size of 25,000 football fields, with technical buildings, bridges, tunnels, roads and locks all over the territory,” says Danny De Pré, SHEQ Officer at Port of Antwerp-Bruges. “In order to get an accurate overview and follow-up of the inspected infrastructure, digitization was a must for us”.

A dream for the future

Port of Antwerp-Bruges strongly believes in innovation and digitization where everything starts from the right data about each asset, accessible everywhere and from any device. While other inspection partners wrote off such a thorough innovation as a dream for the future, Vinçotte turned out to be the ideal partner for this digitization.

Thanks to smooth communication and a positive attitude about our wishes and needs, it was possible to quickly implement the Digi-Tags system according to our expectations,” explains Danny De Pré.

Implementation on a working area of 974 hectares requires a great deal of inspection capacity and, in addition to the Digi-Tags solution, this was an additional reason for Port of Antwerp-Bruges to opt for Vinçotte. With the largest team of inspectors in Belgium, Vinçotte is the perfect match for a port with this gigantic surface area.

In addition to collecting and making inspection data available on a smartphone, Vinçotte also built a web application in Digi-Tags in which statistics about the condition of the assets are visible so that the data can be visualized and is easy to report.

Lists can also be exported on PC with all to-dos and remarks for both internal employees and external maintenance companies. Furthermore, within the system all necessary and useful documentation about the assets (permits, engineering data, etc.) can be linked to those assets. Everything is centralized and instantly available.

Vinçotte's communication skills made cooperation very pleasant,” concludes Danny De Pré, “and we are therefore looking forward to further follow-ups to make the system even more efficient and smoother for the needs of Port of Antwerp-Bruges.

A world-class solution for a world-class port. Vinçotte is particularly proud of this collaboration and notices every day why Port of Antwerp-Bruges is a world player.

Digi-Tags Features

  • Always up-to-date inspection results available anywhere on the 974-hectare working area
  • Dynamic dashboard at device level with visualization for easy analysis and export of inspection results
  • Increased safety thanks to the easy follow-up of all to-dos and comments for both internal employees and external maintenance companies


About Port of Antwerp-Bruges #

Port of Antwerp-Bruges is the second largest port in Europe. With connections to more than 800 destinations, it connects the European continent to the rest of the world. Port of Antwerp-Bruges generates 73,700 direct jobs and no less than €20 billion in added value, as of 2023.

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