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Digi-Tags simplifies operations at Gheysens Smart Lifting

Gheysens Smart Lifting specialises in industrial removal, crane rental, specialist transport and transport of art. Most importantly, they form a team of experienced experts who are not afraid of a challenge. Being a family-run business, they also do everything they can to ensure that they optimise their safety and operations.

Since the beginning, they have partnered with Vinçotte for all their inspections, and in 2023 they have worked together with Gheysens to implement the Digi-Tags digital asset management system. By attaching a scannable tag to each asset, it is possible to directly access the inspection records for that asset, ascertaining instantly whether the material is in order or not.

It was not possible, however, to implement this in a standard way since at Gheysens, a number of accessories are used with each crane; they are specific to the crane and they all have to be inspected.

The decision was therefore taken to use groups, so that all items that belong together could be grouped together.

This means that the operator or inspector only needs to scan one code in order to check if all the assets are in order. This immediately makes the administration processes simpler and increases safety. Miguel Gheysens explains: "Instead of our machinist having to collate information from folders of records for what can sometimes be more than 10 items just for their crane, they can now scan a code in simply seconds to check that everything is OK."

Around 1,000 assets were entered and tagged. Gheysens' own personnel were trained by Vinçotte to carry out these processes themselves. The system is now running at full speed and it’s clear to see that both safety and efficiency levels have substantially increased.

Tailor-made #

At the request of Gheysens, the Digi-Tags team added a new feature, the 'public group link'. This allows Gheysens:

  • Send the web link of a group report (crane + accessories) to the customer.
  • Be sure that this link always automatically remains up-to-date with the latest inspection results
  • Consult the report WITHOUT login, so even the 'doorman', for example, of the site or yard can check it.

This new feature is now available for all clients.

About Gheysens Smart Lifting #

Gheysens Smart Lifting, founded in 1956 and located in Bruges, is the specialist in industrial relocation, crane rental, exceptional transport and art transport. Since 2000, Gheysens has held a VCA certificate, the result of their constant commitment to safety, health and the environment.

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