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Vinçotte rolls out Digi-Tags at Milcobel dairy group

At Milcobel the Digi-Tags solution was implemented on lifting equipment inspected by Vinçotte which improved the auditing process in their Langemark site.

A top priority for Milcobel is safety, but not just food safety. They undergo both external and internal weekly audits, including customer audits carried out by multinationals that expect the highest standards in terms of safe working.

Digi-Tags: a simple, rapid solution for asset management #

Milcobel has its own maintenance system where the software allocates a number to each asset. When audits take place, however, it means that the auditors have to look up the asset number before entering the system to check the status of the item.

There seemed to be definite room for improvement with this process, so Vinçotte was contacted to look at what was possible. Consequently, the roll-out of Digi-Tags began last year and the first 250 assets in the lifting and hoisting equipment group have been tagged on the Langemark, Belgium site, which is often used as a test case for the group.

After undertaking some short training sessions on getting started, Milcobel personally carried out the tagging of the assets during this first phase. During subsequent inspections, inspectors will also work with Milcobel to systematically tag all assets.

Dimitri Lecluse, the maintenance supervisor utility and facility, explains further: “It’s really easy during an audit to scan any asset you want to check and then immediately view the relevant report on your smartphone. We’re now thinking of purchasing tablets to make this process even easier”.

Asset data analysis #

In addition to a Digi-Tag on every asset, the Digi-Tags solution includes a dynamic dashboard application. The intuitive dashboard makes it really easy to analyse key safety information relating to the equipment used for production and logistics. Furthermore, it’s also simple to export spreadsheets of the structured data so that it can then be imported into the company's own systems.

Also devices controlled by third parties can additionally be used as part of the Digi-Tags solution, which is how a Digi-Tag was allocated to every ladder.

Once the process has been completed for lifting and hoisting equipment, the next area to focus on will be electrical installations and pressure devices.

The longer-term plan is to also roll out the system to other Milcobel group sites such as the one in Kallo, Belgium.

About Milcobel #

The Milcobel dairy group is a cooperative totalling around 2,000 family-run dairy farms. 1,800 employees work at 4 sites in Belgium and France, exporting products (milk, cheese, ice cream, etc.) to over 100 countries.

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