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On our way to become a digital leader

VINÇOTTE is nominated for the DataNews 2023 Awards for Excellence (category 9) as Enterprise Application Innovator of the Year! That makes us very proud but we would even be more proud if we could win an ICT award as a non-ICT company… and therefore we need YOUR support.

What are the DataNews Awards for Excellence 2023 #

DataNews is a well know media publisher that brings news on information and communication technology (ICT) in Belgium like cloud computing, cybersecurity, digital transformation, software development,… for ICT professionals, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. The DataNews Excellence Awards are an annual event to recognize and reward the most outstanding companies, products, and individuals in the ICT sector. It is a platform to showcase the best in Belgian ICT industry and to celebrate the achievements of individuals and companies who are driving the sector forward. To be nominated as a non-ICT company for this prestigious award is a great achievement as such.

Enterprise Application Innovator of the Year #

The Enterprise Application Innovator of the Year award is after all aimed at technological innovators that open new possibilities for large enterprises. And that is exactly what we do with DIGI-TAGS. It brings efficiency to the inspection and safety business processes every company needs to comply with. 

What is DIGI-TAGS #

DIGI-TAGS is the enterprise application that enables major efficiencies for our customers in managing their asset portfolio. It generates the creation of actionable insights that facilitate added value and improves safety. DIGI-TAGS was developed specifically for the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) sector as a data and knowledge platform to structure and link any type of inspection data. Through data analytics the application delivers actionable insights, quicker and more efficient than traditional solutions. DIGI-TAGS has been built on state-of-the-art technology (powered by scale-up Twintag) that gives assets a unique digital identity and enables a full end-to-end product-led communication solution. A DIGI-TAG is placed on every inspected asset to bring together essential safety information like

  • basic asset info and inspection status,
  • safety files such as manuals, photos, risk analyses, regulation and certificates
  • maintenance information
  • possibility to schedule tasks for internal follow-ups
  • inspection flows

Each DIGI-TAG grants access to asset-specific information so that everyone can use it and know that the asset is safe to use without having to search in printed inspection reports. More info on DIGI-TAGS here or read our customer case at Janssen

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"We are honoured to be nominated for DataNews’ Enterprise Application Innovator of the Year award,” says Michel Vandegard, Chief Customer Experience Excellence Officer of VINÇOTTE. “This nomination recognizes our dedication to improve continuously our customer experience and to help our customers to be safe and efficient”

Enterprise Application Innovator of the Year

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