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Come and discover the Virtuality solution in the Vinçotte demozone Hall 1 - 1143

Technology is rapidly improving the way we work. Using augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality, Kiwa is taking big strides forward in the quality, accessibility, ease and efficiency of its services – not only in audits and monitoring, but also in education and training.

Therefore we are very happy to showcase the virtual training centers developed by our Kiwa colleagues at the Maintenance Expo in Antwerp. The rise of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) brings new and unique possibilities. Come and discover on 22 or 23 March in our demozone Hall 1 - 1143 nearby our booth Hall 1 - 1132. If you want free tickets, click here

With VR, everything is digital: the environment, the practice object, the teaching material. This makes VR particularly suitable for practising behaviour and its effects. Think, for instance, of conversation techniques or of certain technical actions.

An example from the installation sector: technicians who are used to working with natural gas systems but have to learn how to work with hydrogen installations can easily learn via VR which actions and which safety aspects will be different between the two. Working with H2 requires specific actions and safety checks that you can easily learn in virtual simulations.

VR is particularly suitable for safely training a mindset and experiencing the effects of certain actions – from small to large ones. Read more about it here at Kiwa VR Learning

VR Learning

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