09 March News , Solutions

Air Liquide South West Europe Eco Origin gases claim validated by Vinçotte for France, Italy, Spain and Portugal

Air Liquide produces a wide range of gases for various industrial sectors such as the steel industry, the chemical industry, the food industry, etc.

Driven by the ambition to develop innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, Air Liquide South West Europe offers "ECO ORIGIN" gases to interested customers. Air Liquide South West Europe commits itself to obtain the energy necessary to produce these gases exclusively from renewable energy sources originating from South West Europe. Moreover, Air Liquide takes into account the impact of energy consumption during filling, transport and delivery to the customer by purchasing an equivalent amount of renewable electricity generated in South-West Europe. At present, the following gases are offered with ECO ORIGIN:

Validation statement ECO ORIGIN protocolAnnual validation statement
O2, Ar, N2
O2, Ar, N2 - validation 2022
O2, Ar, N2
O2, Ar, N2 - validation 2023

On behalf of Air Liquide South West Europe, Vinçotte carries out an independent audit to guarantee that the conditions of the claim are met. To this end, a clear protocol was drawn up that describes how the claim is granted. Vinçotte also carries out an annual verification. During the annual verification, we check whether the ECO ORIGIN protocol has been respected and we recalculate the minimum amount of renewable energy that Air Liquide South West Europe is required to purchase.

With ECO ORIGIN, Air Liquide South West Europe enables its customers to effectively reduce their impact on the environment.

Thanks to the collaboration with Vinçotte, Air Liquide South West Europe offers its customers the guarantee that this process is carried out correctly, accurately and transparently.