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Individual and environmental dosimetry

Nuclear applications offer great deal of potential for the medical and industrial sectors. However, employees in these sectors are exposed to ionizing radiation on a daily basis, which can endanger their health. Consequently, equipment or radiation-generating substances undergo regular inspections.

More is required than just inspecting the equipment. In order to ensure maximum protection for employees in the sector, the amount of radiation to which they are exposed also has to be monitored during each use thereof. Consequently, a personal and environmental dosimeter determines the radiation dose, thus guaranteeing the safety and health of your employees.

Vinçotte can help you with all of this. We are a certified body with an extensive team of recognised experts in dosimetry who carry out all types of ionizing radiation inspections. We are also available expert appraisals, assistance and training applicable to radiation protection.

What Vinçotte can do for you

Vinçotte carries out inspections, but does much more than that. Our dosimetry solutions are FANC (Belgian Federal Agency for Nuclear Control)-approved and accredited by BELAC in accordance with ISO 17025. We offer you services and techniques such as:

  • Personal dosimetry: photons and betas. Our dosimeters determine exposure to photons and betas based on various measurement principles: optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) and thermoluminescent dosimetry (TLD). In addition to measuring total body dose, they also measure exposure of specific parts of the body, such as hands or eyes, and the body's inhomogeneous exposure, for example when using a lead apron
  • Personal dosimetry: neutrons. Thermoluminescent dosimeters measure exposure in neutron fields.
  • Environmental dosimetry. Our experts analyse workplace risks based on the results of dosimeters and accurately determine the extent to which the equipment complies with radiation limits.
  • Consultations with experts recognised for their competence in physical inspections. All our measurements are validated by FANC-accredited experts.

We also call on the services of a team of experts when further clarification of the dosimetric data is required. You will periodically receive a hard-copy or digital report on the results, and you can also view them via a secure web application. Our services include preparing annual exposure and decontamination tables. The data exchanges with the Central Dose Register will also be automated in the near future.

Target audience

Our dosimetry solutions are available for all organisations with employees who are exposed during their work to ionizing radiation.

Relevant legislation and standards

• Royal Decree (20 July 2001) establishing the Law of 15 April 1994 laying down general regulations on the protection of the population, employees and the environment against hazards arising from ionizing radiation.
• ISO 17025

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