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In a significant move to promote transparency and scientific rigor in climate action, CO2logic, a South Pole company, has recently upgraded its CO2 Neutral label.

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With over 50 years of experience in the automotive sector, we are proud to say we have immense technical knowledge within our company. But that’s not all, we also have a great depth of knowledge on UN and EU compliance regulations.

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After a break for obvious reasons, we are organising a new Industry Day this year where you can discover all the new NDT techniques.

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The compulsory CE marking on machinery opens the doors of Europe to you.

In exchange for this the European regulations lay certain obligations on you. The CE marking on machinery indicates conformity with all applicable European directives (or with their transposition into national law) that require such marking. Logically it is the Machinery Directive that contains the most specific requirements for machinery. Nevertheless conformity with the Machinery Directive is not necessarily sufficient and for many machines other directives wil also have to be followed. So particularly when one first becomes acquainted with this issue the situation can come over as reasonably complex. Our intention is in short, in a practical and straightforward way, to set out the various steps that are necessary in order to place on the market or put into service a machine in Europe.

This practical guide also includes our decades of experience with CE-marking of machines. Feel free to download it and get in touch with us if you need more info.

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Earlier this year, the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) together with the Automotive Industry Association (VDA) published a new edition of the FMEA manual, replacing the previous 4th edition. This introduced a revised toolkit (including a new "7-step approach") to improve the technical risk assessment, prevent product defects and thus increase customer satisfaction.

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Informatie over het AREI en uitvoeringsbesluiten, bescherming tegen elektrische schokken, veiligheidsinstructiekaarten, praktijkdossiers… U vindt het allemaal terug op de handige website

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De Federale Overheid bracht ons op de hoogte van de aanpassing van de wet van 2 oktober 2017 in verband met de ‘regeling van de private en bijzondere veiligheid’.

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