Summer festivals: Music and fun, but safety first!

The sunny festival Summer is just around the corner, and soon, the country will be bustling with music festivals. To fully enjoy all the musical highlights carefree, safety is essential.

When building festival grounds and stages, where tents of various sizes are often erected, safety is crucial. Mistakes in the assembly of connecting elements or ground anchors, for example, can pose serious stability risks. Ground and weather conditions also play an important role in the safety of festival infrastructure.

Responsible enjoyment

To ensure a safe and unforgettable festival summer, it is important that all involved, from organisers to suppliers and visitors, take responsibility. Following proper procedures, using materials correctly and being alert to potential risks are all essential steps to prevent accidents.

By working together and putting safety first, we all ensure that the upcoming festival Summer will be a memorable experience, without any worries or unnecessary incidents.

Vinçotte relieves some of your organisational stress with three types of high quality security inspections:

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Vinçotte neemt een deel van je organisatiestress van je schouders met drie types van kwaliteitsvolle veiligheidsnazichten:

  • Type A voor grote evenementen met verschillende grote tenten en/of complexe structuren, neemt u contact met Gebouwen - Design Review
  • Type B voor kleine evenementen met 1 of meerdere pagode, kader- of circustenten, neemt u contact met Gebouwen - VeiligWonen
  • Type C voor evenementen met 1 of meerdere tenten, niet van het type pagode, kader- of circustent, neemt u contact met Gebouwen - Design Review

Important: Tensile tests on ground anchors (not applicable to ballast blocks)

The quality of anchoring to the ground is decisive for the stability of temporary structures. As ground anchors are driven relatively shallow into the ground (approx. 1 m), the resistance of ground anchors is highly variable from site to site.

We strongly recommend that you also test and check the anchorage against section 8.2 of EN 13782. You can order this tensile test together with the verification of the correct structure & stability. For this test, 3 extra accessible anchors must be placed per tent and a device that can generate the necessary tensile force (such as a forklift or truck crane) must be provided by you. We provide a dynamometer (device to measure the tensile force).

Why Vinçotte is your partner for safe tents:

Setting up a tent is more than just stretching canvas and poles. It entails a great responsibility to ensure the safety of yourself, your employees and your guests. So let Vinçotte, your independent expert with more than 150 years of experience in inspecting tents and other structures, guide you.

More than just tent inspection:

Vinçotte offers you the most complete service for safe tents. Besides the inspection of your tent, you can also come to us for other tests and inspections, such as the inspection of natural gas storage or electrical installations. So you can arrange everything at once, saving you time and money.

Simple and flexible:

We aim for maximum simplicity and flexibility. Thanks to our user-friendly ordering procedure, you can quickly request a quote and schedule your tent inspection. Our experienced inspectors will then come to your site to thoroughly inspect your tent.

Choose security with Vinçotte:

With Vinçotte as your partner, you can be confident that your tent meets all applicable safety standards. So you can organise your event with peace of mind and enjoy a carefree summer.