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VSCC – Vehicle Safety Certification Center

VSCC, short for Vehicle Safety Certification Center, is an organization under the supervision of the Taiwanese Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC). It was established for the purpose of providing services related to vehicle safety certification, and to enhance the vehicle safety in Taiwan.

Therefore, vehicle manufacturers who wish to export their vehicles to the Taiwanese market must demonstrate that their product complies with the applicable regulations from VSCC. These regulations require that all tests shall be conducted or witnessed by an accredited technical service in a laboratory approved by MOTC.

What Vinçotte does for you

Vinçotte is a VSCC accredited technical service since 2006.
With our years of experience, we have successfully assisted many customers in acquiring their applicable approvals and certification needed for the export of their products to Taiwan.

With our expertise, we can assist you during the complete certification process.
From MOTC laboratory recognition, to witnesing and and finally reporting on the different tests described in the Vehicle Safety Testing Directions of VSCC.

Who we do it for

This service is intended for all manufacturers (Belgian or international) of vehicles, including passenger cars, trailers, vans, coaches and buses, trucks, motorcycles, etcetera.

Producers of vehicle components and technical units which are governed by the same legislation also benefit from this service, e.g. manufacturers of rear underrun protection of vehicles, devices for indirect vision, lamps, safety glass, tires, couplings, safety belts, etc.

Relevant legislation and standards

About Vinçotte

Vinçotte is an ISO/IEC 17020 inspection body accredited by Belac, the Belgian Accreditation Body. We are notified by the Belgian authorities (e6/E6) to the European Commission and the United Nations European Economic Commission (UNECE) as a Technical Service in category B, C and D. This notification allows Vinçotte to conduct international inspections on all tests specified in the European framework directive 2007/46/EC and/or EU Regulation 2018/858 and the related regulations.

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