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Type approval of trailers

European and regional regulations impose strict criteria on manufacturers for the production of all kinds of types of trailers. This also applies for the corresponding components, systems and technical units. Both trailers crossing entire continents and the small trailer in your garage must meet a whole series of requirements due to safety reasons. Those are set out in a European framework directive.

As a manufacturer of trailers you do not only have to meet these requirements, you also have to make sure your production is in accordance with the approved types (see Audit & Certification). In order to prove that you meet the imposed requirements, both the trailer and the production process are subjected to a series of tests. These are performed at the manufacturer’s plant or at a third party.

Once your product meets the requirements, it can be registered and used in every EU member state. This measure is known as the EC whole vehicle type approval scheme (ECWVTA), whereby approval means that one EU member state confirms that a vehicle type, system, component or technical unit meets all relevant administrative provisions and technical requirements.

What Vinçotte does for you

Vinçotte’s ‘Trailer type approval’ offers you a total package, including worst-case meetings, surveillance tests, drawing up official test reports, as well as assistance in the certification process. Our File Management System makes sure that confidential information and certificates are securely shared between the three parties: the manufacturer, the technical department and the authorities.

As an accredited technical service Vinçotte maintains good relations with the Belgian authorities. These close ties, combined with our experience, guarantee a smooth handling of your approval project. After the successful completion of the approval process you receive all documents you need for the production start, sale and registration of your vehicles, components and technical units. We also have useful international contacts which may be very helpful in obtaining approval information and assistance on foreign markets.

Who we do it for

Our solutions are designed for all manufacturers (Belgian or international) of trailers of all types and sizes, both for ECWVTA and for type approval of national small series (NSSTA). Producers of vehicle components and technical units which are governed by the same legislation also benefit from this service, e.g. lateral protection, mechanical couplings, rear underrun protection, etc.

Relevant legislation and standards

  • Framework directive 2007/46/EC and/or EU Regulation2018/858 for the approval of motor vehicles and their trailers, and of systems, components and technical units intended for such vehicles;
  • 1958 European Economic Commission of the United Nations (UNECE) - wheeled vehicles, equipment and components which can be used and added to wheeled vehicles.
  • The following regulatory acts: UN Regulations 10, 13, 34, 43, 48, 50, 58, 73, 79, 105, 122, (EU) 19/2011 (EU) 1003/2010 (EU) 109/2011, (EU) 458/2011, (EU) 1230/2012, EC 661/2009.

About Vinçotte

Vinçotte is an ISO/IEC 17020 inspection body accredited by Belac, the Belgian Accreditation institution. We are notified by the Belgian authorities (e6/E6) to the European Commission and the European Economic Commission of the United Nations (UNECE) as a Technical Service in category B, C and D. This notification allows Vinçotte to conduct international inspections on all tests specified in the European framework directive 2007/46/EC and/or EU Regulation 2018/858 the related regulations.

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