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Safety glazing

Safety windows and other glazing are essential components for the automotive industry, both for vehicle manufacturers as for manufacturers of original equipment (OEM) and for traders on the replacement market. Just like all vehicles safety glass must meet strict requirements set out by several standards and regulations. You can rely on Vinçotte’s expertise, together we will achieve the necessary goals, no matter how unusual these may be. We will help you with all matters of safety glass and windows.

What Vinçotte does for you

Vinçotte helps you towards a successful approval, certification and/or homologation of your product e.g. by:

  • conducting inspections at the workplace, directed by experts;
  • testing your products in a specialised lab for safety glass;
  • checking out the conformity of production (COP) in audits.

You can always count on high-quality tailored services from us. Vinçotte has more than 40 years of experience in homologation and is a recommended and accredited inspection body for:

  • UNECE (E6) Regulation 43;
  • US standard (FMVSS-ANSI Z26.1);
  • Taiwanese standard (VSCC Item 25).

Who we do it for

Our services are for all producers of safety glass materials, intended for the automotive industry.

Relevant legislation and standards

  • UNECE (E6) Regulation 43;
  • US standard (FMVSS-ANSI Z26.1);
  • Taiwanese standard (VSCC Item 25).

About Vinçotte

Vinçotte is an accredited inspection body and one of the largest players in Belgium. Through the years we have become a respected reference in terms of quality, safety and the environment. With inspection, verification and certification as core activities, Vinçotte is the expert in testing, inspecting and homologation of safety glass.

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