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CoP - Conformity of Production

Do you want to be authorized as a vehicle manufacturer? Or are you a manufacturer, but you want to apply for a type approval in Belgium (e6/E6)? If you are a manufacturer you are required to implement the necessary procedures which ensure that your products are in accordance with the approved types. The Vinçotte homologation team can conduct the necessary audits which can provide your company with an initial assessment certificate, and with it also your recognition as manufacturer.

Manufacturers of vehicles, components, systems or accessories which produce according to e6/E6 certification can also benefit from our services.

Initial assessment / Conformity of production (COP)

A fundamental step towards type approval of vehicles is the ‘initial assessment’ and the conformity of production (COP). This audit evaluates the capability of manufacturers of motor vehicles or vehicle components to:

  • manufacture a series of products which correspond to the initial type approved, both for small and unlimited series production;
  • manufacture a single production which meets the (national) laws to be applied.

What Vinçotte does for you

With the ‘Initial assessment / conformity of production (COP)’ solution Vinçotte certifies COP-related quality management systems. These consist of the initial assessment, the COP-related measures and the follow-up measures for inspection.

As an accredited Technical Service Vinçotte maintains good relations with the Belgian federal authorities. These close ties, combined with solid experience, simplify the handling of your authorization as a manufacturer (initial assessment) or COP (surveillance audit). If you successfully complete these steps, the road to the start or continuation of your activities as an authorized manufacturer will be wide open.

Vinçotte also offers you an interesting deal which combines your ISO 9001 certificate with a COP audit. This ISO 9001 certificate contains all dimensions of the initial assessment. Ask for this total package offer by filling in the form below.

Who we do it for

This total solution is intended for all manufacturers (Belgian or international) of vehicles, trailers, tractors and agricultural vehicles, motorcycles, speed pedelecs, etc., as well as for producers of vehicle components or technical units such as lighting, brake or alarm systems, which must comply with the same legislation (see below).

Relevant legislation and standards

  • Directive 2007/46/EC for the approval of motor vehicles and their trailers, and of systems, components and separate technical units intended for such vehicles;
  • Regulation EC 167/2013 on the approval and market surveillance of agricultural and forestry vehicles;
  • Regulation EC 168/2013 on the approval and market surveillance of two- or three-wheel vehicles and quadricycles;
  • 1958 Agreement of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) – motor vehicles, equipment and components that can be used and added to motor vehicles.

About Vinçotte

Vinçotte is an ISO/IEC 17020 inspection body accredited by Belac, the Belgian Accreditation institution. We are notified by the Belgian federal government (e6/E6) to the European Commission and the European Economic Commission of the United Nations (UNECE) as a Technical Service in several categories.

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