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Gamma spectrometry

Radioactive substances are successfully used every day in various sectors. But the operations involved the transport and removal of these substances do carry risks. Monitoring the activity concentration of these substances is therefore essential to ensure safety. If the legal limits are exceeded, you are required to declare this or apply for a permit.

Vinçotte is the ideal partner for all these inspections and services. We are a certified body with an extensive team of experts accredited for physical inspections, making all kinds of inspections of radioactive substances. You can also contact us for expert appraisals, assistance and training related to radiation protection.

What Vinçotte can do for you

Vinçotte carries out inspections, but does much more than that. For gamma spectrometry, we offer services and techniques such as:

  • Measurements. Using an HPGe spectrometer, our experts determine the activity concentration of radioactive substances for various material matrices and geometries.
  • Consultations with experts recognised for their competence in physical inspections. If a risk analysis requires additional interpretation of the measurements, we call in a team of experts.

You will receive a report on the measurements and, if applicable, an overview of the different disposal, use and transport systems for the radioactive substances.

Target audience

Our dosimetry solutions are available for professionals who are exposed during their work to ionizing radiation.

Relevant legislation and standards

• Royal Decree (20 July 2001) laying down general regulations on the protection of the population, employees and the environment against hazards arising from ionizing radiation.

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