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Physical inspection

You wish to call on Vinçotte Controlatom's services to ensure radiation protection for your staff, the general public and your environment. This means entrusting us with the physical inspection activities for your establishment licensed for sources of ionizing radiation. Physical inspection tasks are described in the Royal Decree of 20/07/01, and more specifically in article 2. This legislation includes tasks incumbent upon operators for ensuring radiation protection for staff, the installation, the general public and the environment. The physical inspection department experts also apply the applicable international standards (ADR, ICRP, AIEA, ...) and the recommendations and decisions of the Belgian Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (AFCN).

Advisory opinion by a recognised physical inspection expert

The recognised expert will assist you in optimising radiation protection for all the stakeholders (*) with the least possible inconvenience.
The scope of our advice is described in detail in the appendix.
(*) Radiation employees, general public and the environment

Periodic monitoring of the installation

Our recognised expert checks the boundary of the inspected areas, takes measurements to verify the radiation dose and contamination, checks the safety measures... for your installations.
The expert also supervises the administrative side (authorisations, permits, procedures, inventory,) and offers advice about and approval for new practices.
Your recognised expert will determine the dose on the basis of dosimetry data and monitor the operational and legal dose limits.


The appropriate radiation protection training can also be provided by Vinçotte Controlatom's experts. These experts often have many years of experience in providing radiation protection training courses, based on the knowledge Vinçotte Controlatom has built up in all areas of radiation protection. The instructors appointed also have well-developed teaching and communication skills and are able to adapt to the target audience.

Legislation and standards

Royal Decree establishing the Law of 15 April 1994 relating to the general regulations on the protection of the population, employees and the environment against hazards arising from ionizing radiation and concerning the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control.

Results and output

The digital report contains a summary of our findings. The appendices contain full details about the measurements, protective measures,....

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