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Verification of the quality with the purchase and sale of food products

Do your supplier's deliveries always meet your requirements? Do your products meet your customer's requirements? Are you having a dispute with a customer, supplier or insurance company? What about quality at retail outlets? As a food industry professional, you are highly dependent on the quality of the products you buy. The same is true of your customers, who rely on you to deliver products according to the requirements. When there are several links in the chain between you and the final customer, it is a real asset to be able to rely on Vinçotte, an independent body, to approve and certify the quality system you use for the purchase and sale of your food products.

Discover our services :

  • Self-checking system in the BtoC and BtoB sectors (**)
  • IFS Cash & Carry / Wholesale
  • Suppliers audits

(*) = under accreditation RVA C596, C062
(**) = under accreditation BELAC 016-INSP, 016-PROD, 016-QMS

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Now that the Belgian competition authorities have given their approval, Vinçotte is officially part of the Kiwa group.

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PRESS RELEASE, 1 december 2021 - Employees at Vinçotte and Kiwa were informed this morning about the decision reached by both companies to merge. By joining forces, Kiwa and Vinçotte will be able to confidently move towards creating a one-stop-shop for testing, inspection and certification services (TIC) that will be able to support clients across the world with a wider range of services.

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Today, it is estimated that close to 150 million tonnes of plastic are in the ocean. This number is only predicted to increase in the coming decades, even overtaking the biomass of fish by 2050. As plastic breaks down and penetrates living organisms, it disrupts their natural cycles… and also ends up on our plates.

As for the billions of tonnes of plastic remaining on land, a mere 7 to 10% are being recycled1. The rest ends up in massive landfills, pollutes the soils, or is burned – releasing dangerous toxins into the air and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

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For Vinçotte, safety at home and on the work floor is always paramount, and in these times of the new corona virus and COVID-19 all the more.

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The compulsory CE marking on machinery opens the doors of Europe to you.

In exchange for this the European regulations lay certain obligations on you. The CE marking on machinery indicates conformity with all applicable European directives (or with their transposition into national law) that require such marking. Logically it is the Machinery Directive that contains the most specific requirements for machinery. Nevertheless conformity with the Machinery Directive is not necessarily sufficient and for many machines other directives wil also have to be followed. So particularly when one first becomes acquainted with this issue the situation can come over as reasonably complex. Our intention is in short, in a practical and straightforward way, to set out the various steps that are necessary in order to place on the market or put into service a machine in Europe.

This practical guide also includes our decades of experience with CE-marking of machines. Feel free to download it and get in touch with us if you need more info.

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Informatie over het AREI en uitvoeringsbesluiten, bescherming tegen elektrische schokken, veiligheidsinstructiekaarten, praktijkdossiers… U vindt het allemaal terug op de handige website

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Snel en efficiënt vinden wat je zoekt. Meteen bij de juiste persoon terecht kunnen met je vragen. Onmiddellijk correcte informatie ontvangen. Als eerste op de hoogte zijn van de actualiteit in uw business. Wellicht zijn deze 4 zaken ook voor u belangrijk. Ontdek daarom vandaag nog onze nieuw website. Met uw gepersonaliseerde account ...

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Gisterenavond verkoos Agoria de preventieadviseur van het jaar. Alvast een dikke proficiat aan Kirsten Vanleeuw, hoofd van de interne dienst bij Borealis in Kallo!

Ook bij Vinçotte dragen we veiligheid hoog in het vaandel. We helpen je graag verder met preventie-analyses in je bedrijf.

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