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Today, it is estimated that close to 150 million tonnes of plastic are in the ocean. This number is only predicted to increase in the coming decades, even overtaking the biomass of fish by 2050. As plastic breaks down and penetrates living organisms, it disrupts their natural cycles… and also ends up on our plates.

As for the billions of tonnes of plastic remaining on land, a mere 7 to 10% are being recycled1. The rest ends up in massive landfills, pollutes the soils, or is burned – releasing dangerous toxins into the air and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

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For Vinçotte, safety at home and on the work floor is always paramount, and in these times of the new corona virus and COVID-19 all the more.

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Reducing CO2 emissions is a challenge that we as humanity face. More and more companies are therefore taking necessary step towards "CO2 neutrality". In other words, they ensure that their CO2 emissions are calculated in a Carbon Footprint and reduced as much as possible until they are neutral. Read in this whitepaper how your company can take the step to become a CO2 Neutral company.

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Vilvoorde, November 2018 - New technologies generate new opportunities. Vinçotte is also sailing along with the latest trends with the aim of making inspections Future Proof. We use tests to find out what the advantages of these technologies are and then convert them to improve current activities. For example, an innovation project with drones was recently launched for the thermographic inspection of high-voltage lines.

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Op donderdag 23 november werden in het Koloniënpaleis in Tervuren voor de 4e maal de Fireforum Awards 2017 voor de beste projecten rond brandveiligheid uitgereikt.

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150 jaar geleden Marie Curie geboren werd, de moeder van de radioactiviteit? Vandaag worden haar ontdekkingen nog steeds gebruikt, onder meer voor de behandeling van kanker door bestraling. Vinçotte Controlatom zorgt dan weer voor de veiligheid van deze bestralingstoestellen.

Ontdek wat we nog meer doen rond stralingsbescherming

Snel en efficiënt vinden wat je zoekt. Meteen bij de juiste persoon terecht kunnen met je vragen. Onmiddellijk correcte informatie ontvangen. Als eerste op de hoogte zijn van de actualiteit in uw business. Wellicht zijn deze 4 zaken ook voor u belangrijk. Ontdek daarom vandaag nog onze nieuw website. Met uw gepersonaliseerde account ...

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