07 May News , Solutions

Vinçotte helps infrastructure company protect against cyber threats

Cyber security plays a crucial role in protecting infrastructure companies from a wide range of threats.

It is of great economic importance that transport infrastructure via both roads and waterways runs smoothly. Roads, tunnels, bridges and locks are an integral part of this infrastructure.

Because of this, reliability of the systems that control these structures and enable their safe use is essential. Not only during the design process, but also during maintenance and renovation of these structures, cybersecurity should receive attention to help ensure this reliability.

Infrastructure #

Infrastructure companies rely on complex control systems to manage everything from power grids and water treatment plants to transport networks. Cyber security protects these systems from unauthorised access, tampering or disruption, which can lead to outages, failures and even physical damage.

By including cybersecurity straightaway, early in the design phase of a new construction or renovation project, we can ensure our suppliers are up to speed as well,’ the customer tells us.

We help ask the right cybersecurity questions throughout the lifecycle of projectss so that from market demand to implementation and maintenance, cybersecurity is given the right priority and security by design is achieved.

By integrally including cybersecurity, we also significantly reduce its cost,’ the client confides in us.

Confidentiality #

Vinçotte understands the crucial importance of cybersecurity. In our case studies, you will therefore not find any client names. This is because of:

  • Confidentiality: Our clients entrust us with their sensitive security information. By protecting their identity, we ensure that their business practices and vulnerabilities remain private.
  • Best security practices: Revealing a company's involvement in a cybersecurity case study could inadvertently provide a target for future attacks. Discretion is essential.

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