21 May News , Solutions

Vinçotte uses Magnetic Rope Testing for inspection of DEME's Neptune crane

Vinçotte carried out a comprehensive magneto-inductive (MRT) inspection of the main, auxiliary and boom cables of DEME's ‘Neptune’ offshore installation vessel.

DEME's DP2 Offshore Installation vessel ‘Neptune’ is deployed to assist with the installation of offshore wind turbines. The vessel operates with 4 Azimuth Thrusters and uses 4 seabed piles for stability. The Neptune is 60 m long, 35 m wide and has a draft of 6 m. It has a deck area of 2,000 m2 and can store up to 1,600 tonnes of material.

Equipped with Sarens' Huisman crane with a capacity of 600 tonnes, the vessel plays a pivotal role in rapidly deploying offshore wind turbines and increasing green energy capacity.

With a tight inspection window of only 6 hours and a short response time, this inspection was a real challenge. Given the significant time constraints, MRT (Magnetic Rope Testing) was the ideal NDT technique for us for this job.

Thanks to our teamwork and expertise, we were able to successfully inspect 3 cables within a tight timeframe, surpassing competitors who could only inspect 2 cables in a full day.

Using MRT, we identified defects in the cables that were previously undetected by visual inspection,

Find out more about this inspection in our new case study!

MRT case study - DEME - Neptune Offshore Installation Vessel