Vinçotte, an accredited company

An accreditation is an attestation granted by an accreditation body (BELAC in  Belgium) after a thorough assessment based on internationally recognized requirements; it conveys the formal demonstration of the technical abilities and the competence of the organization to carry out specific tasks relating to conformity assessment.

BELAC is a signatory of all existing multilateral agreements at international level (EA, ILAC, IAF). In this way, reports and certificates issued by Vinçotte under Belac are internationally recognized.

In addition to the aforementioned BELAC certificates, Vinçotte’s fields of expertise are also acknowledged by other authorities, both at Belgian level (agreements) and at European level (notifications).

Vinçotte Inspection Services are VCA/SCC certified, Vinçotte therefore guarantees that its services will be carried out at the customer's premises whilst ensuring maximum safety and the least possible risk of an accident. 

BELAC accreditations

Vinçotte enjoys BELAC accreditation on the basis of these 4 standards:

ISO 17025

General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories

ISO 17020

General criteria for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspections

ISO 17065

Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services

ISO 17021

Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems

BELAC certificates

BELAC accreditation certificates (and attachments) awarded to Vinçotte are attached here.  The types of assignments for which Vinçotte is accredited are directly referred to on the certificate or shown in an annex to the accreditation certificate.

Regulatory Inspections




Vinçotte nv - Impartiality Statement

Vinçotte nv is committed to offer third party certification, validation and verification services with a consistent and highest guarantee of impartiality.

Hereby Vinçotte nv states the importance of impartiality and objectivity, that are covered by the following items for certifications, validations and verifications issued under BELAC accreditation:

  • Quality policy and the present Impartiality Statement.
  • All our employees and subcontracted staff sign their commitment to impartiality and objectivity.
  • Certification rules: document with the general terms and conditions which describes the framework in which the common work between customers and Vinçotte nv is developed.
  • Committee for Impartiality: this committee has representatives of our clients, clients of our clients and authorities, who ensure that our company has the appropriate approach and actions to guarantee objectivity and impartiality during its activities and verifies their correct performance.
  • Our certification process is defined with a clear distinction between the audit team and the Certification Committee that decides to certify or not. In the planning process the possible incompatibilities are analyzed in order to avoid any conflict of interest that may affect our impartiality. The audit process is reviewed constantly by several means: audit documentation control, review of the audit documentation used to decide the certification, witness audits and internal audits. The certification decision is always made by a person different from the audit team.
  • If Vinçotte nv collaborates with consulting companies, the accreditation requirements are followed and the possible conflicts of interest are analyzed. Different control mechanisms have been implemented in order to avoid or reduce any risk that may damage our impartiality when working with these organizations.

Any complaint regarding a risk of impartiality can be declared on our contactform

CO2 verification

Vinçotte is authorized for the verification of the annual declarations of CO2 emissions required within the context of the scheme for greenhouse gas emissions allowance trading (European Directive 2003/87/EC). Vinçotte carries out these verifications in the Brussels-Capital Region and the Walloon Region.


The European Directive 2003/87/EC applies to this service. The following also apply:

  • the Decree of the Brussels-Capital Region of 3 June 2004, establishing the scheme for greenhouse gas emissions allowance trading and imposing certain operating conditions on the installations concerned
  • the Decree of the Walloon Region of 12 January 2006 relating to the verification of declarations of specified greenhouse gas emissions.

Target group

This service is aimed at all sites with an installed heating power greater than 20 MW. The tertiary sector is also concerned, where appropriate.