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That we are so keen to innovate and continue building on our rich past of knowledge and expertise, can be attributed to numerous hearts and minds. It would not be right if we were to fail to mention Robert Vinçotte in this regard. Indeed, it was thanks to his unwavering commitment that it all began in 1872. His name is now intrinsically linked to the inspections of steam boilers during the first industrial revolution. Safety and efficiency, even back then.

The services of Vinçotte rapidly expanded and, in 1910, Vinçotte performed more inspections in Belgium than all of the inspection bodies in Germany and France put together.

AIB, which stood for 'Association des Industriels de Belgique’ was founded in 1890 by Henri Adan with the intention of conducting preventive research and implementing measures to prevent industrial accidents.

Due to evolutions in the industry in the early 1930s, increasing emphasis was placed on electricity inspections and, in 1969, the nuclear inspection was also initiated. Thus Vinçotte was also present at the birth of the nuclear reactors in Doel and Tihange.

Following the merger with AIB in 1989, Vinçotte changed its name to AIB-Vinçotte. However, in 2004, the company returned to the original name of its founder, infinitely more personal and succinct: Vinçotte.