Did you know that part of your vehicle is likely to have been certified by Vinçotte?

Working with numerous customers, Vinçotte inspects a very high proportion of glass used in the automotive market. In Europe Vinçotte has most likely certified your windscreen or other glass panes on your vehicle.

Check it out #

So, check out your car window and if you see an E6 marking on your glass, you’ll know its approval has been handled by Vinçotte.

A market in evolution #

The automotive market is changing, and cars have become high-tech items, with numerous sensors and lots of computing power integrated in almost every part of a vehicle. A modern windscreen contains more built-in sensors than ever, and manufacturers of windscreens rely on us and our expertise during the design phase where we act as a sounding board for R&D departments.

At your service #

We are always glad to be of service through the early stages, since this really helps to improve the safety of vehicles and people alike.