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Fire safety and prevention

Vinçotte examines your fire safety concept and optimises it by means of inspections, verification, risk analyses and so on.

Process safety

From risk analysis to support with explosion safety documentation and zoning files: Vinçotte helps you make your processes safer.

Management systems certification (EOP)

Would you like to certify your quality, environment or safety management systems? Vinçotte helps with verification, reporting, risk analyses and with certification.

Comfort, safety and health on the workplace

Vinçotte experts are at your service to advise and assist to help monitor the health and well-being of your staff on the workplace.

Vinçotte, an accredited company
Inspection of your agricultural activities

Vinçotte helps companies in the primary sector to certify their products, systems and procedures. Consequently, you are always compliant and meet your customers' requirements.

Inspection of the quality and food safety of your manufactured foodstuffs.

Vinçotte specialises in food certification for food industry producers. We can help you effortlessly achieve the appropriate quality guarantees.

Verification of the quality with the purchase and sale of food products

Vinçotte is an independent partner that applies quality control measures to food purchases and sales . This ensures you are always compliant and meet the requirements of your customers.

Quality and food safety control with storage and transport of your food products

Vinçotte controls the quality of food packaging, storage and transport systems. We screen your quality system and HACCP system.

Food safety control as per the auto-inspection system

Vinçotte is a partner approved by the FASFC (Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain), which controls and validates the self-checking system for the hotel and catering sector.