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Individual and environmental dosimetry

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Gamma spectrometry

Inspections of welds and welding qualifications

The better the weld, the safer the welded structure will be. Discover how Vinçotte can help you monitor weld quality.

Electrical safety

Vinçotte inspects electrical installations and provides useful advice to ensure compliance. Together on the road to a safer workplace.

Quality control and material testing in the metal industry

Vinçotte helps metal industry stakeholders in their search for the most suitable suppliers thanks to technical audits and material testing.

Certification of management systems and third party inspections

Vinçotte's experts provide third-party inspections and certifications in the context of safety, quality, energy and critical installations.

Machine safety

Vinçotte helps you create a safe workplace by having your machinery and work equipment undergo the necessary inspections and checks.

Fire safety, explosion protection, environment and sustainability

Vinçotte is your ideal partner for full in-plant support in the field of environment and sustainability and fire and explosion protection.