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Big Data solutions & Consultancy (PCP)

Gain a better understanding of your (petro)chemical and pharmaceutical processes? Make the most of your big data with the help of our Vinçotte consultants.

Asset Integrity Management and risk management (PCP)

Vinçotte is the ideal partner for providing asset integrity and risk management support to chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies.

Non Destructive Testing & In-service inspections

Vinçotte's experts help you choose the best non-destructive testing techniques to try out and demonstrate the safety and compliance of your company equipment.

Quality Management Systems certification (PCP)

In the (petro)chemical and pharmaceutical fields, management systems improve your processes. Vinçotte's auditors will help you to certify your system.

Regulatory inspections

Vinçotte's experts take care of the commissioning and periodic inspection of your electrical equipment deployed in the fields of chemicals, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals..


Statutory inspections of nuclear pressure equipment

Vinçotte is the perfect partner for the inspection of your nuclear equipment, both in the design phase and during construction and exploitation.

Automated ultrasonic testing of homogeneous and bimetal welds in stainless steel

Vinçotte inspects the quality of homogeneous and bimetal stainless steel welds in the primary and secondary circuits of nuclear power plants.

Inspection of rotating machinery

Vinçotte makes years of experience available to bring+K65 the reliability of your rotating machinery and installations to new heights.

Inspection of working machinery and condition monitoring

Verifying the condition of your machine park, predicting repairs, optimising the service life of your installations ... Vinçotte takes care of the necessary support.