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Origin and carbon footprint of H2 or how Vinçotte helps you claim the sustainability of hydrogen produced.

Because of the Green Deal, more and more customers and governments will be asking for proof of how sustainable their activities are. And the ways in which you have to demonstrate this are increasingly set out in regulations. The European framework is also evolving for hydrogen.

People speak of renewable hydrogen and low-carbon hydrogen. And through the CertifHy project, a framework is emerging for Guarantees of Origin or Go’s for hydrogen. The "green" character of hydrogen obviously depends on the production method and the energy used to produce it.

When subsidies will be awarded by (European) bodies, you will have to prove that the production of hydrogen is sustainable or that there is at least a fundamental reduction of the carbon footprint.

But investors and banks are also increasingly favouring investments in sustainable hydrogen projects and are helped by the EU Taxonomy and Green Bond regulations. These regulations outline a framework for sustainable financing.

Vinçotte helps you prove the sustainable origin of hydrogen: #

  • We determine the definition of what is now green and what is not. We base this on the European framework for renewable hydrogen and low carbon hydrogen.
  • We establish protocols that you can use to determine and prove the origin and carbon footprint of the hydrogen.
  • We come annually to check that all protocols are followed and that the calculations are correct.