08 August News , Solutions , Projects

Vinçotte advises around environmental safety of hydrogen plants

Vinçotte supports companies in drawing up an environmental permit application and in preparing and elaborating studies preceding that application. These include an environmental safety report or supplementary environmental and safety studies.

You can count on the work of experts recognised in the field of noise, vibrations and external safety.

The Vinçotte VR experts are able to describe the various environmental effects for both industrial projects and infrastructure works. Thanks to our central position, we are able to make and complete a study independently and quickly. For us, the use of the best available techniques is key. To predict possible environmental impacts, we find it important to combine generally accepted models with GIS applications.

When the hydrogen project

  • requires the preparation of a safety study or
  • a dispersion calculation for the safe blow-off of pressure relief valves or
  • a Building Risk Assessment indicating the safest location for your hydrogen project,

our recognised VR experts will make it their business to prepare this for you as well.