09 septembre

​Automotive manufacturer with UK type approvals? Meet Vinçotte, your e6 Brexit partner

Are you a vehicle, systems or component Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with e11 approvals? Need a hand to meet all the safety and environmental standards after a no-deal Brexit? Then Vinçotte is your perfect partner to take away your approval concerns (categories M, N, O, L and T).

31 October, comes closer. e11 type-approvals will then lose their validity due to the departure of the UK from the EU. Manufacturers using e11 type-approvals for their systems, components or vehicles must transfer their type-approvals to one of the EU27 type-approval authorities. Do you need support, assistance or guidance with these new type-approvals? Vinçotte transfers your UK issued EU-approval to an e6- Belgian approval. We can ensure you a smooth transition by guiding you through the administrative process.

Vinçotte has been working with large and strategic manufacturers for a long time. As an ISO/IEC 17020 inspection body Vinçotte can also support you with future adjustments and international inspections. So rely on Vinçotte's 45 years of experience and thorough technical knowledge. Get in touch.