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Testing of safety valves

All laws, as well as every code of good practice relating to pressure equipment, provide for an initial and periodic setting of the ultimate protective arrangements against overpressure; are you certain that your pressure equipments are still protected when they are operating at their maximum working pressure? Do you, as an authorised valve workshop, still possess a valid certificate?

Our experts remain present when the safety valves are adjusted, and check whether this has been done correctly, and whether your ultimate protection of your pressure equipment is set at the desired opening pressure.

In the past, the steam laws provided for recognition for workshops that were permitted to make adjustments to safety valves of steam appliances. New recognitions are no longer issued, but existing permits are subject to an annual audit by our experts.

If you utilise this service, you can rest assured that the ultimate protection device shall open at the preset pressure, and shall consequently prevent the pressure in the apparatus that is to be protected from increasing to an excessively high level, and could thereby damage it.


Royal Decree of 18/10/1991 Ministerial Decree of 28/10/1991 VLAREM II 5.16, 5.17. Decree of the Walloon government dated 03/04/2003

Norms and Standards

NBN I 01-002, NBN EN 12952, NBN EN 12953, NBN EN 14222, TRD 604, NBN EN 13445

This service is intended for operators of installations under pressure which are protected by a safety valve.

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