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Transportable Pressure Equipment (ADR/TPED)

Transportable pressure equipment: tanks intended for the transport of all sorts of dangerous goods. Do you need initial or periodic inspection?

Our experts would be happy to make available their expertise and to carry out the required inspections and audits so that your tanks can be brought into the market and periodically inspected, and you can rest assured that you fully comply with applicable regulations.

The services provided by our experts consist of various stages that we would be happy to implement for you:

1. Prototype approval (if necessary)

Prototype approval includes verification of calculations and plans as per the chosen design standard and/or technical code. The prototype approval applies to gas tanks as well as other tanks intended for other dangerous goods, such as atmospheric tanks (heating oil, petrol), pressure tanks (various chemical products) and vacuum pressure tanks for waste.

2. Manufacturing authorisation (if necessary)

Before a tank may be manufactured, it is necessary to check whether the tank to be constructed fulfils the design and construction requirements as specified in the prototype approval report.

3. Construction survey (if necessary)

Our inspector monitors the construction of the tanks. It is checked whether the tanks conform to the originally approved construction plan, as described in the manufacturing licence. The construction survey includes the following checks, among other things:

    • verification of the required dimensions of the tank in accordance with the approved plan (see manufacturing authorisation)
    • verification of the material certificates
    • inspection of welding procedures and welder approval certificates
    • external and internal inspection, with checking of the welds
    • hydraulic test on the tank
    • leak-tightness test and checking the proper functioning of all safety devices and the leak-tightness of the valves

4. Periodic inspection

Tanks for dangerous goods must regularly undergo hydraulic pressure tests and leak-tightness tests. Visual internal and external inspection of the tank is also a very important aspect for checking during periodic inspections.

5. Special inspections, expertise

Special inspections are carried out after rejections or repairs, to determine whether or not the pressure equipment may be continued in service.

Due to the strict follow-up of the legislation by Vinçotte, the inspectors always implement the appropriate inspection procedures.

Benefits of our service:

  • you will be assured of the safety of the tanks during use and transport
  • the tanks can be brought into the market
  • you can detect possible problems, and you have the option to take the necessary corrective measures well in time


The engineers and inspectors comply with the ADR, RID, IMDG and TPED laws and regulations and the standards specified in the various laws. Vinçotte is authorised by the Belgian authorities and notified to the European Commission to carry out such inspections.

Our services are primarily intended for the following:

  • manufacturers of tanks
  • users of transportable pressure equipment: carriers of dangerous goods

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