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Avicar PLUS certificates for bodywork companies

Do you want to position yourself as a car repair company for which quality is a top priority? The AVICAR PLUS certificate guarantees the parties involved that the certified companies intensively focus on quality. Vinçotte would be happy to help you to fulfil the applicable requirements for obtaining the AVICAR PLUS certificate.

As soon as your company fulfils all the requirements, your new AVICAR PLUS certificate will be granted for a period of one year. As part of the audit, it is objectively verified whether the bodywork company meets the specified criteria. These criteria include administrative, quality, safety and equipment requirements. The audit is carried out in line with the procedure set out in the General Regulations and it aims at organisational operation in accordance with a high-quality system. When you engage Vinçotte, we guarantee you full neutrality in the audit procedure, thanks to our totally independent status.

After you are awarded the AVICAR PLUS certificate, you are permitted to display the certificate or to use it for advertising purposes, and to even publish copies of the corresponding audit report. Thus you will have the opportunity to operate as an authorised repairer according to a high quality maintenance system. You will enjoy this status with the insurance companies that you have selected, and with whom you conclude agreements. Furthermore, the AVICAR PLUS system is based on simple and transparent general regulations , which clearly define every part of the certification procedure.


The audit procedure includes a number of criteria relating to statutory requirements. Among other things, the fulfilment of the periodicities relating to the material that is subject to periodic inspections. Conformity with the applicable environmental laws and industry-specific terms and conditions will be verified based on the environmental permit(s) granted.

Norms and Standards

The audit procedure is based on the AVICAR PLUS checklist, which takes into account the requirements laid down by the insurance companies. In this manner, each bodywork company will become part of the service policy of the insurance companies, through a new AVICAR PLUS certificate

This service is extremely attractive to all bodywork companies.

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