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GRMS v6.1 certificate (**)

The Global Red Meat Standard or GRMS was developed specifically to create transparency around food safety, hygiene and quality within the meat industry. The GRMS applies to the entire production chain, from stabling to deboning, cutting and processing. Transparency at all stages is guaranteed through an independent certification procedure.

As the largest Certification Body for GRMS in Belgium, Vinçotte assesses whether your company meets the GRMS standard. Animal welfare, the working environment and the external environment are monitored and determine whether you meet the food safety and quality requirements for GRMS meat products.

Like other commercial standards, the GRMS standard covers key areas but with a specificity related to meat production.

  • The GRMS standard covers animal welfare as well as internal and external working environments.
  • The GRMS standard focuses on areas critical to maintaining high quality and safety of meat products.
  • The GMRS provides a more detailed basis for the assessment of meat and other meat products.
  • GRMS certification can be combined with other certifications such as IFS Food or FSSC22000.
  • The GRMS standard is internationally recognised because it complies with the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative).

(**) = Under accreditation BELAC 016-INSP, 016-PROD, 016-QMS

With a GRMS certificate, you guarantee your customers reliable and high-quality products.

  • Your food safety system is fully transparent.
  • You prove that you respect prevailing standards around animal welfare and working conditions.
  • You reduce the risk of complaints and product recalls.
  • You receive a thorough evaluation of your quality and food safety system by a competent ISAcert auditor.
  • You increase your visibility by being listed as an approved company on the GRMS website, which also gives extra confidence to customers and partners.

The GRMS is recognised by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) and guarantees your customers a high level of consumer protection.

The GRMS standard only applies to the meat industry producing red meat and meat products. The GRMS standard and its application guidelines are free of charge and available on the GRMS website.

Valid from 1 April 2021 including interpretations and clarifications on requirements of GRMS version 6.1

GRMS certificate application

Developed specifically for the slaughter, cutting, boning and sale of red meat and meat products, the GRMS standard covers the entire production chain and applies to all aspects of the transportation, stunning, slaughter, boning, cutting and handling of meat and meat products.

The GRMS standard was developed to help you establish good production practices so that you can produce safe and legal products that meet the level of quality demanded by your customers.

GRMS certification can be combined with other certifications, such as IFS Food or FSSC22000.

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