Safety standards to be observed by football stadiums

Any stadium used for organising football matches must meet the standards defined in the Schedule to the Royal Order dated 6/7/2013 containing the safety standards to be observed by football stadia.

The Royal Order is effective from 1/1/2014.

Electrical equipment and installations must be subject to detailed reports, issued by an approved organisation. These inspections are carried out every year. The organisers make these compliance reports available to the mayor, fire service and officials and agents responsible for ensuring observation of the Order.

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Royal Order dated 7/7/1994 setting basic standards for prevention of fire and explosion, which new buildings must meet.

21/12/1998 (Interior Ministry)
Act on safety during football matches.

Royal Order dated 4/12/2012 on minimum safety recommendations for workplace electricity networks.

Royal Order dated 6/7/2013 containing safety standards to be observed by football stadia.

Règlement Général sur les Installations Electriques [General Electricity Network Regulations]


NBN EN 1838
Lighting – Emergency lighting

The stadium owner or the individual or legal entity (organiser) who/which organises, as a whole or in part, football matches, or has them organised, on his/its own initiative or that of a third party.

All football match organisers are responsible for taking every necessary measure to warn of dangers to people or property, including any specific provisions on preventing spectator overcrowding.

The Royal Order applies to all football stadia regardless of division. Stadium: Any football match venue, insofar as the ground has at least one stand; the venue must have a boundary fence marking out its perimeter.

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