19 January News

Vinçotte x Innoptus Solar Team - Everything under control in 2024

Vinçotte provides safety expertise to the Innoptus Solar Team ahead of the Sosal Solar Challenge.

Last week, the Innoptus Solar Team, a group of engineering students from KU Leuven, officially started preparations for the Sosal Solar Challenge in South Africa. The Sosal Solar Challenge is a global initiative that aims to accelerate the development and application of solar energy solutions.

The biennial competition will have its 16th edition in 2024. All participating teams take on the challenge of developing, building and driving solar-powered cars, with the ultimate goal of covering the greatest distance without using a drop of fuel. In 2022, the Innoptus Solar Team also participated in the race in South Africa, finishing 2nd place.

This year the ambition is to do better and Vinçotte is happy to help. As a Silver Partner, we not only contribute financially, but also provide all the Vinçotte expertise in safety so that the Innoptus Solar Team can minimise the risks of the race.

With the implementation of Digi-Tags, Vinçotte's digital asset safety management tool, the team will also be able to instantly view all safety reports of each checked part of the solar car.

We will keep you further updated in the coming months in the run-up to this innovative race!