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Vinçotte innovates: drones inspect high-voltage lines

Vilvoorde, November 2018 - New technologies generate new opportunities. Vinçotte is also sailing along with the latest trends with the aim of making inspections Future Proof. We use tests to find out what the advantages of these technologies are and then convert them to improve current activities. For example, an innovation project with drones was recently launched for the thermographic inspection of high-voltage lines.

During inspection of high-voltage lines, faults are detected via hotspots using a precision infrared camera. In the new measurement method, the infrared camera is attached to a drone. That drone can better approach the high-voltage lines. In flight, it maps all the necessary information. This is then processed and stored. The inspector thus immediately has a picture of the potential faults on his monitor. Defects can thus be detected more easily. A further advantage: all information is immediately stored digitally. So the video can also be analyzed frame by frame afterwards.

Watch the video of the very first drone tests here!

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