25 October

Update of technical document T015-2 for alarm systems

The recently published new version of technical document T015-2 will start to apply on 01/01/2017. Below is a review of the most significant changes.

Vinçotte awards the INCERT certificate to alarm system installers offering high-quality products and able and willing to meet a number of technical requirements during the installation process. These requirements are explained in the technical document T015-2.

The new version of this document (version 5) was recently issued and is set to apply on 1 Januarys 2017. Now available in the BEC webshop, the update covers:

  • New technical requirements: including risk level 2+;
  • Adjustments and clarifications to the existing provisions;
  • Transmission of alarm detections with current technologies, existing transmission equipment and subscriptions provided by telecom providers.
  • Connecting sensors, other than intrusion detectors
  • Integrating an alarm system with other applications, such as access control, home automation and cloud applications via Apps on smartphones and tablets.


After 1 January the Incert declarations of conformity will only be issued electronically via your “MyIncert” login.

Pay a visit to our website for further details about INCERT.