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Facility Manager Agence Sissau relies on Vinçotte for proactive planning

In a world of change, it is normal that safety inspection regulations are regularly revised and expanded. Careful inspection planning that considers this changing legislation can take a lot of time.

One less thing to worry about for every company that partners with Vinçotte, as we proactively inform all our customers of upcoming changes in regulations and help them schedule the necessary inspections, ensuring the customer is always following current legislation.

Building management company Agence Sissau llc, which manages a portfolio of more than 550 buildings, has been relying on Vinçotte for years to ensure that all safety requirements in their portfolio of buildings are carefully adhered to. All inspections of the passenger lifts are grouped in real estate groups. For the passenger lifts, which must be inspected every 6 months, these are all carried out consecutively in the months of April and October.

Vinçotte makes everything very easy for us,” says Gianni Kiekens, Responsible Building Management Team , “the inspectors themselves make a proposal for the planning and even tell us exactly which keys we need to have ready for the inspection.”

Adjustments to the AREI legislation for facility managers in 2023

Vinçotte also assists Agence Sissau llc in word and deed regarding the recently amended AREI (Belgian General Regulations for Electrical Installations) legislation for the common areas of buildings. This Royal Decree of March 2023 applies from 1 June 2023 and requires that all electrical installations in common areas must now be checked every 5 years and no longer every 25 years.

Such a change in the law requires a clear overview of all buildings and their current inspection status. Not an easy task for Agence Sissau llc with its extensive portfolio, but again Vinçotte has everything under control.

Vinçotte also made things easy for us for the new AREI legislation,” says Gianni, “and they proactively drew up a schedule for the next 5 years.

But the smooth collaboration does not just end with the planning. The follow-up of all inspections is also simple and clear.

At the beginning of 2023, Agence Sissau llc started using Vinçotte Connect, the online dashboard where all inspection reports can be retrieved with a few clicks,” explains Gianni. “This saves us a lot of e-mailing and time loss. In short, we don’t have a single complaint about Vinçotte's efficiency and flexibility.

About Agence Sissau llc

In addition to its real estate activities, real estate agency Agence Sissau also has an extensive building management service and manages more than 550 buildings with a total of more than 10,000 private parts, all over the coastal region. This independent service arranges all administrative, financial, and technical aspects and assists customers with advice and action. Sissau collaborates with experienced, skilled people for this.

About AREI Legislation

Would you like to know more about the AREI legislation? Follow the E-learning training at Vinçotte for an overview of all novelties in the new AREI regulations.

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