26 October News , Events

Vinçotte Smart Tools Make Us Finalists in Asset Performance Awards 2023

On Wednesday, October 26, we were among the 8 finalists for the 5th edition of the Asset Performance Awards 2023 in Antwerp, organized by BEMAS (Belgian Maintenance Association), where we presented our "Smart Tools for a Digital Future".

We recently partnered with hibot to develop smart tools for digital inspections that are easier, safer, and faster, with more detailed analytical results. Our robotics can be used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, and energy.

In addition to Vinçotte, the other nominees were an international group, consisting of ArcelorMittal, Beaulieu International Group, De Watergroep, Dubai Municipality, Saudi Aramco, US Steel Kosice and Water-Link.

Congratulations to De Watergroep for presenting a strong project and winning the prize!