With ViA, you have the possibility to see the 3D image of your asset(s) such as storage tanks, autoclaves, spiral boilers and centrifuges together with the inspection plan, all images made in any way at the exact position where they were made, as well as all reports, comments and other information about the asset(s) in one place – digitally and always available – so that you, your maintenance employees and external technical companies immediately know what has been inspected where and what needs to be done.


We’ve been working since 2018 with digital Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) techniques such as drones and robots which generate a very large volume of data. In the (petro)chemical and pharmaceutical sector, these data offer significant value for increasing your knowledge about your assets as well as the safety and efficiency of your testing and inspections. But... managing these data was often cumbersome. Until now! Vinçotte developed ViA to help you manage these data properly and integrate them into the right processes. This in turn makes it possible to:

Drone inspections

Back in 2018 we made the first drone inspections

Read in our blog here how it all started>
  1. handle a shutdown faster or in some cases even avoid it
  2. reduce costs because less scaffolding is needed for an RVI, communication with third parties runs more smoothly, ...
  3. work more safely because there is now less or no need to enter a confined space, incorrect interpretations are eliminated, ...

ViA, the Virtual Inspection Administration (ViA) platform, is the tool to visualise all these data in one place. A state-of-the-art digital application based on the Digital Twin principle to better manage your crucial assets and unlock the value of your asset data.

Robot inspections

In 2021 we added robot inspections with Hibot

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1. Visual Interactive Assets management platform with a 3D model of your assets #

The ViA platform improves the management of your assets by centralizing all information about them and presenting this information in a visual and interactive 3D model. So the first step is to create a digital 3D model of your critical assets. We can use an existing model for this or create a new 3D model for your equipment.

2. A rich data platform on which all available data is linked to assets #

We prepare an inspection plan to be added to the digital twin of your asset. Images of the advanced inspection techniques are also added, and you see them on the 3D model at the place where they were taken. You can then upload to the platform all necessary information such as test results, safety procedures and inspection results. This platform can be accessed online or offline.

All information is clearly displayed as an overlay on the 3D image of your asset, making it easy to understand what has been tested or inspected and where.

3. A transparent communication platform for internal and external partners #

You can easily share the information in ViA with maintenance colleagues or external maintenance companies, simplifying enormously the communication about what needs to be done where.

You, your colleagues or third parties will no longer need to search for the location to which the comment applies. All parties immediately see it on the screen.

What are first users saying?

“With ViA, Vinçotte has changed the vision of testing and inspections.”

“With ViA, you immediately see on a 3D model all the information gained from inspecting your crucial assets!”

“Inspection plans provide peace of mind.”

“ViA greatly simplifies your administration.”

“The user experience of the platform and the 3D model provide a unique experience.”

For confidentiality reasons, we cannot yet disclose the names of these users.


For specific questions about ViA after watching the video or for more information, complete the form below! We’d also be happy to give you a demo of this progressive and unique platform during a virtual meeting. Let us amaze you.


In principle, we can add any type of equipment at any point in its lifecycle, but ViA is mainly made for managing the inspections of more complex assets in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors such as storage tanks, autoclaves, spiral boilers and centrifuges. It is mainly (but not exclusively) these types of assets that benefit from the ViA platform because all relevant information, such as previous inspection reports, test results, permits, safety and engineering procedures can be easily and visually retrieved.


ViA makes it easy to efficiently create inspection plans for each of your assets based on previous results and proper inspection techniques such as drones, remote camera, endoscope, crawler... These plans can then be accessed anywhere, at any time, on any device and, like all other information about your asset, can be easily shared with external maintenance partners via a link. The same function can also be integrated into your ERP and other applications.

ViA uses your own nomenclature for assets, eliminating communication errors, saving you time and money.


With all this information in ViA, you can eventually move to a Risk-Based Inspection strategy (RBI), which means that you inspect based on actual test and inspection data and the corresponding risk assessment, rather than on just legal deadlines so that you, with the help of our experts, can reduce downtime costs.


With ViA you have inspection plans, centralized data, a communication tool, insights into what needs to be done, all in 1 place. This in turn forms a strong foundation for a true asset management strategy. ViA can also be integrated with your IT systems via API or a structured reporting format.