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Periodic inspections of lifting equipment

Do you use material lifts, hydraulic platforms, hoists and accessories or other lifting devices or appliances? Like any work tool, this equipment needs to be inspected before it can be used and afterwards it should be subjected to periodic inspections. Such inspections or checks must be determined by a SECT (External Service for Technical Inspections at Work) as per the law, and carried out by an authorised body like Vinçotte.

Investigations for the commissioning of new lifting equipment: Our experts shall check whether your appliances conform to the requirements of the Machinery Directive (2006/42/CE) and related Directives. This inspection is not intended to verify compliance with the requirements of the "work equipment" Directive, but provides for a comprehensive inspection so that gross deficiencies do not jeopardise the safety of the user, and the system is brought onto the market in the appropriate manner..

In case of re-commissioning, the intention is to check whether the lifting equipments are sufficiently safe for use after the user has carried out modifications, alterations or repairs on the same, in accordance with the “Work Equipment” Directive (89/655/CEE Royal Decree of 12-08-1993 and 95/63/CE Royal Decree of 04-05-1999). In this context and in certain cases, the user may be a manufacturer.

During periodic inspections, our inspectors will check whether the equipment and all existing safety arrangements are still in good condition, and whether existing influences that could lead to deterioration can give rise to dangerous situations.

This service will ensure that you satisfy the statutory obligations. You have a report on the verification of the compliance of your lifting equipment with the requirements of a particular regulation, standard, an order form or specifications, etc.

  • Article 280 of the General Regulations on Industrial Safety (ARAB): Pre-commissioning inspection of lifting equipment (as per Article 267 of the ARAB).
  • Article 281 of the General Regulations on Industrial Safety (ARAB) - this article provides for annual and quarterly inspection of lifting equipment such as cranes, hoists, accessories of lifting equipment (chains, slings, shackles, hooks, etc.), mobile platforms, scissor lifts, etc.
  • the notes from the Federal Public Service for Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue

Norms and Standards

  • Assessment Criteria: These criteria include any standards that may apply in each case, as well as the notes of the Federal Public Service for Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue.
  • all standards that apply according to the circumstances in each case.

This service is intended for all companies that use lifting equipment

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