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Inspection of gas storage locations and distribution stations

Are you aware that you are bound under the law to commission regular inspections of your gas storage locations and gas distribution installations?

Can you sell and install your installation within the European market?

Our experts have national as well as regional accreditation to conduct such inspections relating to various aspects of your gas storage location and distribution stations.

Each organisation that operates a storage location with a fixed container for compressed, liquefied or dissolved gas (for example, argon, nitrogen, laughing gas, LPG, hydrogen, etc.) is legally bound to have these installations regularly inspected. This obligation applies among other things to hospitals, rest homes, restaurants, hotels, metal processing companies, chemical and petrochemical companies, LPG and CNG re-filling stations, etc. The law prescribes that these inspections must be conducted by an EDTC (External Technical Inspection Service) or an environmental expert recognised for the discipline "containers designed for gas or dangerous substances."

The installation must fulfil the essential safety requirements of the European pressure directive.
Do you have the appropriate certificate in this connection?
Are the correct safety arrangements present in the installation and is proper operation to be expected?
Have the legally prescribed distances been respected?
Is the legally required information present?
Is the installation approved under the regulations?

Our experts can carry out statutory inspections of the compartmentation, safety distances, construction of the container, identification of the plate, pipeing, fire prevention and fire fighting devices, written instructions, inspection of the outside condition of the container’s plates, protection against overpressure, etc.

Thanks to these inspections, you can closely track any changes in the condition of your tank and the safety systems. In addition, these inspections also provide you the certainty that the various safety aspects of the installation are in order. You as an owner/operator will also thereby ensure your compliance with the law and will also satisfy your insurance company.


VLAREM II Chapter 5.16. and 5.17, Royal Decree of 21.10.1968, Royal Decree of 13.06.1999 (transposition of the European Pressure Directive 2014/68/EC – formerly 97/23/EC), and the applicable environmental permit.

This service is primarily intended for private and industrial operators of gas storage locations and their distribution stations: natural gas, CNG, LPG, butane, propane, medical gases, industrial gases.

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