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Inspection of gas cylinders

Are you looking for the ideal partner for the inspection of gas cylinders?

Both breathing gas cylinders as well as industrial gas cylinders have to be regularly inspected and tested.

Vinçotte applies the most suitable inspection method. Depending on the structure or the material of the cylinder, our experts shall carry out a specific test, for example, a hydraulic test for metal cylinders and a volumetric expansion test for composite cylinders.

As soon as the inspection is completed, the cylinders that comply with the regulations will be stamped with the regulatory quality mark, and we shall prepare a report as a proof of the good condition of the same. If our expert also carries out a volumetric expansion test, he shall also state this fact in the report, along with the results of the test.


Both the composite cylinders as well as the metal cylinders are required to comply with the standards laid down in Section 358 of the General Regulations for Protection at work (ARAB). They must therefore be re-inspected every 5 years by an authorised inspection body. Composite cylinders shall be inspected as per the instructions of the manufacturer or the authorised body that performed the type examination (in most cases every 3 years).

Norms and Standards

As per the ADR laws or Section 358 of the ARAB.

In Belgium, it is mandatory to periodically inspect breathing gas cylinders used by the emergency services, hospitals and other medical facilities, for example.

Industrial gas cylinders intended for the transportation or storage of various industrial gases should be regularly inspected and checked with a periodicity that depends on the specific gas that is transported.

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