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Inspection of containers for flammable products and/or hazardous liquids

Vinçotte is officially recognised by various regional and federal government authorities as a specialist in the inspection of containers of flammable products and/or hazardous liquids. Our specialists provide various services and also assist you with advice to find legal solution in case of problems.

Our specialists can provide you with various services:

  • During the design and construction of a storage location:
    • prototype approval and/or unit approval of containers and overfill protection/warning system
    • investigation of the hazard of soil corrosion; The soil parameters will be determined at site (if required), based on the various parameters, our specialists can make an accurate diagnosis and check whether there is need to install a cathodic protection
    • review of the environmental permit
    • dielectric testing of the coating applied
    • conformity of the container with the legal requirements
    • determination and inspection of the type and the method of installation of the piping
    • leak testing of the container and the piping
    • in situ inspection of the overfill protection and/or the warning system, and prototype testing
    • in situ inspection of the leak detection system
    • inspection of the cathodic protection
    • inspection of the proper functioning of the hydrocarbon separator
    • inspection of the vapour recovery system
    • visual inspection of the encapsulation, and the attestation thereof
    • compliance with the statutorily required distances
  • During the periodic inspections:
    • it will be checked whether the container and the encapsulation are still in a sufficiently good condition for the period specified under the law
    • ensuring the follow-up of the condition of your tank and encapsulation, and checking whether water and/or sludge is present on the bottom of the container - this would indicate possible corrosion of the inner wall of the container
    • they check whether there is need to install cathodic protection, this protection prevents the corrosion of your container and/or piping due to the action of aggressive soil or that the cathodic protection installed is working adequately, and that the installation is still protected against corrosion.
    • visual internal inspection of the storage tank to detect internal corrosion so that repairs can be conducted in time.

As a result of these inspections, you can closely track any changes in the condition of your tank and its safety systems. In addition, these inspections also offer the certainty that the various safety aspects of the installation are being duly complied with. You will also thereby comply with the law and further, will satisfy your insurance company.


Containers in which flammable products are stored must comply with the legal obligations:

  • VLAREM II Chapter 5.17 and 6.5
  • Decree of the Brussels Capital Region dated 17/07/2003, 21/01/1999
  • Decree of the Walloon Government dated 30/11/2000, 04/03/1999 and 03/07/1997
  • Royal Decree 13/03/1998
  • the special terms and conditions that are contained in the relevant environmental permit

Norms and Standards

NBN EN 12285, EEMUA 159, API 653, API 650

In Belgium, every person who has a tank (whether above or below the ground) that contains a hazardous liquid or gas, is legally bound to have the same inspected on a regular basis. It is necessary to engage an authorised expert or authorised environmental expert in the discipline of containers for gases and hazardous substances in order to ensure objectivity. Strict compliance as regards the issue of applicable laws.

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