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Cranes on Ships

Ships flying the Belgian flag are required to carry out statutory inspections of the cranes and other lifting equipment they have on board.

Periodically, an inspection is required by a government-authorised person.

Vinçotte is authorised to carry out these inspections, and is at your service to carry them out for you. An experienced expert shall subject your cranes and lifting equipment to a thorough examination. The equipment will be tested for safety and functionality.

Based on a checklist, we provide a detailed report about the condition of the equipment. If you follow the instructions and guidelines provided, you can rest assured that your cranes and lifting equipment will continue to operate safely.

The basis for inspections on board of seagoing vessels is mainly Annex XI of the Belgian Royal Decree of 20 July 1973 concerning maritime inspection regulation for entry into service, annual inspections as a qualified person, and the thorough quadrennial inspections as an authorised person. We can also carry out specific inspections at your request for man-riding on the basis of international law, LOLER and HSE Executive 221.

The basis for inspections on board of inland waterway vessels are the Regulations for Investigation of Ships on the Rhine (ROSR) or the Rhine Regulations, Royal Decree of 19 March 2009 concerning the commissioning, annual inspection as an expert, and comprehensive decennial inspection as an authorised expert.

Applicable standards include EN 13852-1 Cranes, Offshore cranes, General-purpose offshore cranes; EN13852-2 Cranes, Offshore cranes, Floating cranes; ISO 4310 Cranes - Test code and procedures; Machinery directive.

Shipping companies, dredging companies, inland waterway boatmen, manufacturers of cranes on ships, etc.

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