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Checking air quality at workplaces

Vinçotte can measure the physicochemical parameters at the workplaces in order to assess the level of exposure of your employees to these parameters. These measurements are not mandatory but they definitely offer a powerful tool to help safety or industrial health officers in companies to ensure the welfare and protection of employees.

We design our measurement programs on a case to case basis, and the choice of parameters and the duration of the measurements are determined in consultation with the site managers, who are best informed to identify potential risks. These measurements require strong collaboration with the site personnel in order to ensure reliable results.

By collaborating with various specialised and authorised laboratories, we can cover a particularly wide range of parameters for you.

Thanks to these non-mandatory measurements, you are better placed to evaluate the exposure risks. With our objective assessment of the air quality, it is often easier to reassure your employees (for example, in case of a smell or dust in the air). Finally, the results obtained will also help you select the most suitable type of protection.


This service is subject to the Royal Decree of 9th March 2014 amending the Royal Decree of 11th March 2002 on the protection of the health and safety of workers against risks relating to chemical agents at the workplace.

The ARAB applies to this service.

Norms and Standards

The standards EN 482 and EN 689 also apply to this service.

This service is primarily aimed at chemical or heavy industries.

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