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Air and gas analysis

Thanks to our experience as an accredited analysis laboratory, Vinçotte offers gas analysis in the widest sense of the term. We can offer you air quality analysis and the analysis of specific gases. These analyses can be carried out within various contexts.

Our gas analysis can be carried out in the context of:

  • compliance with specifications
  • risk assessment (explosivity)
  • energy measurements (determination of the heating value)
  • the carbon accounting (CO2 trading, green certificates)

In order to offer you coverage of an extensive range of parameters, we have long-term tie-ups with specialised laboratories for that part of the assessments that cannot validly be carried out directly at the location.

The air analysis that is carried out in the context of occupational hygiene has been discussed in a separate sheet. This service also comprises various specific applications (detecting leaks, contamination, various emissions, corrosion problems, odour problems, etc.).

Vinçotte places its status as an independent body, its expertise in the field of sampling of gases and its network of external laboratories at your disposal, to ensure that you always receive the best possible service available in the market.

Our experts ensure that you will have a professional and independent analysis of your air quality and specific gases.

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