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Inspection of depollution centres for end-of-life vehicles

Prevention of waste from vehicles, reuse, recycling and other forms of useful applications of end-of-life vehicles and components are governed by law. Our experts carry out inspections within this regulatory framework so that your company is and remains recognized as a centre for depollution, the dismantling and destruction of end-of-life vehicles.

If your centre is not yet recognized, Vinçotte will first carry out an initial inspection. During this inspection, all the checks that we perform, will be discussed with you and you will be informed as to the work that remains in order to acquire a recognition as a depollution centre. If your centre is already recognized, a follow-up inspection shall be carried out each year. During the inspection, and in the report, we clearly state the areas in which your company needs to improve in order to retain the recognition.

Our inspection reports are submitted to the regional authorities. Based on the decisions in these reports, the OVAM (Public Waste Agency of Flanders), the OWD (Walloon Waste Office) or the BIM (Brussels Institute for the Management of the Environment) respectively, take a decision as to whether your company can be recognized or your recognition can be extended.

We ensure that you satisfy the mandatory initial inspection and the annual follow-up inspections. In these reports, we provide a comprehensive and clear description of the areas in which your centre must improve in order to retain recognition as a depollution centre. For the inspections in Flanders, we jointly discuss with you the criteria that have to be satisfied before you can qualify for a two-yearly instead of an annual inspection.


  • Regulations of the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels Capital Regions.
  • Vlarema (Flemish Regulation for Sustainable management of materials and waste).
  • Ministerial Decree of the Brussels Capital Region dated 15th April 2004 relating to end-of-life vehicles
  • Decree of the Walloon Government dated 27th February 2003 laying down the conditions for industrial installations for the grouping, sorting or repair of end-of-life vehicles and centres for dismantling and depollution of end-of-life vehicles.

Norms and Standards

BELAC accreditation 089-INSP in accordance with ISO 17020.
Directive 2000/53/EC of the European Parliament and the Council dated 18th September 2000 on end-of-life vehicles.

This service is primarily intended for:

  • Garages and centres for reuse of components
  • Centres for depollution of end-of-life vehicles and recycling
  • Shredders

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