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Garage lifts

Do your garage lifts require inspection? Brief description of the problem

Each garage lift is designed to lift a heavy load, car, van, truck etc., so that your technicians can carry out proper maintenance or repairs under the vehicle as well. Working under a heavy load is always risky, and the good condition and functioning of the work equipment used is therefore of crucial importance. Art. 283b of the ARAB also provides for a periodic annual inspection of each garage lift.

Vinçotte conducts inspections as per the regulations prior to (re)commissioning, as well as periodic inspections of lifts with cables, chains, screws and nuts, hydraulic lifts etc.

With this service, you can comply with applicable laws and also ensure the safety of your personnel and of the vehicles. Your lifts will thereby also have a longer life, due to the detection of mechanical defects, fatigue, poor functioning of the safety devices and wear and tear.

Article 283b of ARAB applies to this service, apart from the ministerial memorandum AV / A 7658.

Norms and Standards

This service is designed for garages, technical schools, centres for the technical inspection of vehicles, tyre fitting workshops, etc.

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